Otago Cycle Trails Maps

Otago Rail Trail MapThe Otago Central Rail Trail

A spectacular 150km cycle trail along the old Central Otago Railway line between Clyde and Middlemarch. It is New Zealand's first and most popular cycle trail.

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Roxburgh George Trail MapRoxburgh Gorge

The Roxburgh Gorge Trail is a 21 km, grade 2-3 cycle trail which follows the stunning Clutha River.  It also includes a 13km boat trip between Doctors Point and Shingle Creek

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Clutha Gold Trail MapClutha Gold 

At 72km and grade 2 (easy) designation, the Clutha Gold trail is a great multi-day trip.

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Together the Otago Central Rail Trail, Roxburgh Gorge and Clutha Gold Trails provide almost 250kms of non-stop scenic bike riding through New Zealand's stunning Central Otago landscape.