Bike Hire

Otago Rail Trail Bike Hire

Rent a Custom-Built Bike designed specifically for NZ's Cycle Trails

Trail Journeys, in conjunction with Avanti NZ, have developed bikes specifically for New Zealand’s leisure cycle trails such as the Otago Central Rail Trail, Roxburgh Gorge Trail and the Clutha Gold Trail.

No matter what your age or size, if you're planning a ride along one of our amazing cycle trails we have a bike for you.  Our bikes are custom built for the trails and for maximum comfort so you can relax knowing you have the best bike possible for your trip.

Bikes can be hired at our Clyde or Middlemarch depot or we can arrange for them to be dropped at a certain point on your chosen cycle trail if required (for a small fee).  To book a bike rental just let us know the dates you are wishing to hire the bike for, the type of bike required and your height so we can reserve the correct size.

With our experience in the industry dating back to the year 2000, and Avanti’s design capability we have targeted comfort, reliability and practicality for our customers.

- The bikes we have for rental are designed for all leisure cycle trails.

- We have 400 bikes of varying sizes from 20” children’s bikes to XXL adult bikes.

- Also available are children’s tow bikes, seats, trailers, traditional mountain bikes and tandem bikes.

- The most popular bikes in our range are the hybrid comfort bikes; a cross between a mountain bike and the old fashioned comfortable upright riding bikes. These bikes have 24 gears, sturdy frames, wide seats and tyres.

- Puncture resistant tyres: A revelation for our customers over the years.  These tyres enable you to ride knowing the chances of getting a puncture are extremely low; we get less than 20 per season with thousands of bikes hired.

- Standard and Low Step frames: A low Step frames make it easier to mount and dismount the bike as you can step through the middle.
Within this design we have also created extra brake reliability and safety as water and dust cannot penetrate the cables causing sticking.
The standard frames are for those who like a more traditional looking bike and are comfortable swinging their leg over the back of the bike to mount or dismount.

- Our seats are an ergonomic shape to better fit the human anatomy.  They are elastomer based to absorb more shock and they are wide and padded for your comfort.

- 27.5 inch wheels and a wider tyres to improve handling and reduce rolling resistance.  This means you get more distance for each pedal stroke.

- Ergonomically designed handlebar grips for extra comfort you didn’t expect.

- Super reliable Shimano componentry - All the vital mechanical componentry, brakes, gear levers, derailleurs, chains and sprockets are made by arguably the world’s most popular and reliable brand, Shimano.

- We have retained the V Brake (Calliper brakes) configuration for extended wear, reliability and safety.

- All bikes come equipped with a strong lightweight rear carrier so you can take a few things in one of our carrier bags or a set of panniers (Saddle bags).

- Front suspension is fitted to all our bikes to compliment the comfort and safety aspects while riding the trail.

More information about our custom-built bikes

The bikes we have for rental are very suitable for all the types of track we have to offer. For our customers who want that little bit more comfort we have the range of hybrid (or comfort) bikes. In  " Blending all of the features of a comfort bike with the ruggedness of a mountain bike, the hybrid bike is at home on the bike path, but equally comfortable on unsealed country roads and rail trails". These have an upright riding position, taking the pressure off your neck and wrists. Combine these features with front suspension, a velo comfort saddle with cut out  and you have probably the most comfortable bike available today. These styles are the main bike that we hire out for the Otago Central Rail Trail.

Electric bike hire on the Otago Rail Trail
For those who require an electric bike we can arrange hire. $120.00 per bike for 1 day or $100.00 per day for multi day hires.

Backup service
In the off chance you do strike a problem with your bike we are only a phone call away.  With our regular shuttles out along the trail we are usually not far from being able to sort this or any other issue out for you!

Trail Journeys Otago Rail Trail Bike Hire Rates

When hiring our bikes for multiple days it is often possible to check in and collect your bikes between 3.30pm and 4.30pm the day BEFORE you’re due to start.  Timing can vary during the peak season (March to April) depending on availability. You can hire bikes from either end of the Otago Rail Trail -

 1 Day hire rate for Comfort Bikes and Mountain Bikes is $48.00 per day.

Rail Trail Comfort Bikes LIGHTWEIGHT Custom built bikes to Trail Journeys specifications.
(Note 1 day rates are $48.00 per bike per day)
$45 per day Multi Day Hire
Part Day Rates:
$38 for 3 hours ($48 after 3 hours)
Mountain Bikes Avanti Montari with front suspension.
(Note 1 day rates are $48.00 per bike per day)
$45 per day  Multi Day Hire
Part Day Rates:
$38 for 3 hours ($48 after 3 hours) 
24" Mountain Bikes For children 8 - 12 years old $32 per day (No half day rates)
20" Mountain Bikes For children from 5 - 7years $27 per day (No half day rates)
Half Bike These are towed behind an adult bike, suitable for child aged 5 - 7 $27 per day (no half day rates)
Kiddy's Trailers These are towed behind adults bike, single/double available $35 per day (no half day rates)
Baby Seat Hire Two types are available, one is a top tube mount where the child sits in front of the adult and is for up to 15kg, the other fits on the back of the bike and is for up to 3 years $20 per day (no half day rates)
Pannier Hire Capacity is up to 40 litres in total, fit to the comfort bikes only, they do not fit our mountain bikes $5 per day per set of 2. (No half day)
2 or 4 Bike Car Towbar Rack  To carry 2 or 4 bikes on your car $15 per day (no half day rates) 
Tandem Bikes 2 Reiker custom built tandems available $80 per day $50 up to 3 hours ($80 after 3 hours)

Bike Hire Terms

Please note that we require a credit card to hire a bike and for hires of 1 to 3 hours we will charge your card for one day and then refund you the balance upon your return. Please be aware that for hiring a bike by the hour the hire period begins when you take your hire bike away from our Clyde Trail-head location. 

It’s not just about the Otago Rail Trail
The local area lends itself to serious off road riding along with plenty of passive tracks suitable for families and the not so adventurous amongst us. Most of the tracks are within 5-10 minutes of the centre of Alexandra or Clyde on a bike.  Cycling offers those inclined a great way to experience our diverse and beautiful landscape.